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Sorry for not writing this journal when I should had done it xDDD *few weeks ago* Lately I'm more active in twitter & tumblr σ(≧ε≦o)/fangirling u know/ Let's start with the trip to the JE! Being this year my second time there <3 :iconimaginedflight::iconcriis-chan::iconyumicchie: waifus came this year and...WE FANGIRLED A LOT THERE XDDDD We're kind of special hahahaha GIRLS, THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIME! <3333333
*Ninamo-chan wasn't able to attend but she was in our heart and her stuff in out lil' booth //// *

Must confess the first day was kind of a chaotic one because Air France lost my suitcase with nearly all my stuff to sell at JE... They told me that by that afternoon my suitcase would arrive to the hotel but it wasn't true at all...The guy I called after having lunch admited they didn't know the whereouts of it 8)))
Thanks to the help of my parents who called them lot of times,and  went to the airport (in Madrid), asking  for explanations at AF desk (I was very debastated...After all the weeks sleeping few hours and paying a "expesive" plane tickect, I wasn't at high spirits at all) I got my suitcase back \\\\ ⱶ˝୧(๑ ⁼̴̀ᐜ⁼̴́๑)૭兯 ////

At the end, my suit case never left Madrid because the sticker placed at the Checking was lost while being transport to the airplane. So the first day of the con *we arrived at 7.30 am* I left to the airport one hour later *which it's 2 stations away to recover it*
So by 10 am, we could set up our booth!

 Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki
Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki
<< Isa with the Mika she drew me! <33333 >>

One of my main goals for this year was to get Abec & Kawahara sensei signs in my SAO novel...Thing I was unsure to got it * to got the signs you needed to wait a queue and then they'd make a lottery* And the first day because of going to the airport to recover my suitcase, I couldn't be in the first places of the queue, by 10 am It was so long that I told myself I should have tried for the saturday instead. However the luck godness was on my side that day. While walking with criis-chan we spotted them alone in the signing place. I asked If giving them the present I prepare was okay, they gave me a green signal. I talked few with themthanking  for creating SAO and so ( I'm a  total weaboo) ;;;; In exchange of the presents (I gave them a Kirito UWO & Eugeo Keychain+ GGO & MR Badges+ Candies ) they wanted to signing me a calendar...I decline, instead I went as fast as possible to grab my novel...

Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki

<< [SPOILER] They were kind of surprised because I brang a novel from Alicization ARC (Uniting) which It hasn't been yet published in any country except Japan 8) When Kawahara saw Eugeo he said "he's now dead">>

I couldn't believe I got it 8__) And I got it in a such unexpected way /////////Everyone at the booth were also very surprised, Plusichan too HHAHHAHAHAHAHA xDDDDDDDDD She regret not having bringing the BS3.

Also When we were leaving I encountered these two girls ...Guess Who nearly fainted there.

Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki


Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki

<< Waiting for kawahara & Abec's press conference, this was in the same place where last year I watched the SAO II premiere \o/ I was hoping something for Alicization info would be leaked ( let me spoil that was leaked in AnimeExpo), but that wasn't the occasion. They were asking about how they write the novel, regarding how they started working on SAO, charas they like and etc...
The nice surprise was to see Mikisan, the editor. He's well-known in the LN sphere, because he's the editor of the most populars LN novels cofffIndexcofff >> 

Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki

<< This was from the second day also...but I asked the girls to stop because i needed to take photos and...A VIDEO! ////////////////////////////>>

Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki
<< Kirito Alicization Cosplay! //////// he was very happy because I recognized him...AND I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I GLANCED THE NIGHT SKY SWORD! >>

Second main purpose in France was to get to watch Aoi Eir Live Concert, Crus went with me (she didn't know any songs but she stay with me  ;___; My dear waifu!), and we saw Back-On ones and AOI EIR TOO! OMGGG! ;;;;; THE WHOLE AUDIENCE SANG A LOT WHEN SHE OPENED THE CONCERT SINGING IGNITE xDDD Songs from Arslan and Aldnoah/zero were sang too...GOD BLESS AOI EIR!

Also I spotted Haruna Luna, who was at very few mm while I was at inma's booth ;___; I kind of hoped that she would be too at Aoi Eir's live...That didn't happen x____X babakaju!I did have the opportunitty to take a photo of her ;_;

Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki
<< This was shot when they were preparing for Back-on's concert >< We could advance a bit more for Aoi's one, it was too crowded and it was forbidden to take photos or video, so I couldn't make any photos >>

I did have a really great time!I regret the few time we had to visit the Japanese neighborhood, and must admit, that when arrived to the hotel, our feet were so much in pain thet we hadn't any energy xD Instead we had dinner there and use the free wifi from the room! <3

Also I received lot of presents ;;;; Never expected these much ;___; SRLY...THANK YOUUU!!!

Untitled by Kagura-Kurosaki
<< Presents from Makoushi san & Raynart-Tradnor  //////////////////////////  >>

Did I say we were fangirling a lot about Serafu? We also watched the first 2 episode and read the chapt 35 in raw *we had to search for few kanjis we didn't know the meaning*

Untitled by Kagura-KurosakiUntitled by Kagura-Kurosaki

<< MIKAS FROM ImaginedFlight & Yumicchie /////////////////// I also contributed with the nekomimi chibi ones xD >>

Untitled by Kagura-KurosakiUntitled by Kagura-Kurosaki

<< Got my copies + presents from the Eternal-S & inma Thanks for letting me be your guest Artist!<3 >>

nd thanks to you guys who supported me! The ones who passed by and talked to us! It was very nice to see familiar faces this year \o/  Thanks to Mael, our dear violinist! and Ombre-notYami and also to Lola! i'M INDEBT WITH YOU GUYS!! THANKSS! ;;;;;;;////

Hope to meet u next year!! <3

Currently, We're working hard for JapanWeekend Madrid in which our tables have been confirmed, and we're waiting the reply from SDM ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑) JW Granada is in our sights, though It depends on few things, not until August I can confirm it >< Moreover... It everything goes as planned...I'll be attending an Only event with criis-chan & Yumicchie [Though they will be at the Tourabu section xDD] WAKUWAKUWAKUWAKUWAKUWAKUWAKUWAKU


\\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و//// \\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////\\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و////\\\٩(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و//// <3

Must to finish few things before that! (expect lot of MikaYuu) On the other side, the printhouse sent me the samples so I estimate in one week I can send the pending orders 8) As well as being restocking the store.

About the MikaYuuDakimakuras, I'm planning to open the preorders after Toranoana's ones <33333 I'll let you know about that.

Fangirls Screams and Doodles at :


BYEBEEE!! <33333333

PS: sorry if I made typos of grammar errors within the journal xDD Le Hype is powerful!
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